Sunday supper

It's a beautiful fall day in Iowa.  Yesterday it was 91, today it is 74.  I love the 70's (I am a child of the 70's after all).  I don't handle humidity well and we all know that Iowa in the summer is all about humidity.  When the weather starts to cool off, the humidity … Continue reading Sunday supper

On our way

After spending Thursday and Friday in a leisurely packing mode, we were ready to pull out at 9:45 this morning.  Fifteen minutes before our target departure time!  Highly unusual!   😊 We stopped twice in the first mile to make a couple adjustments and then we stopped at about 15 miles to double check every … Continue reading On our way

Memorial weekend

This weekend definitely had it's good and disappointing.  Saturday was chores around the house, but also just taking it easy.  I drove into Hobby Lobby to pick up some fabric to make a tablecloth for the Airstream and a few decorating items.  I don't want too many items to display but a little something to … Continue reading Memorial weekend